Bigger Mess – Buffalo or San Francisco? – Hollywood Sports


Who is the bigger mess in the NFL right now, Buffalo or San Francisco? After Mike Singletary claimed there was a rat in the clubhouse that leaked to the pres that offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye was too slow in calling plays to QB Alex Smith in their embarrassing first week loss to Seattle, he went on his local weekly talk show and berated the host for daring to ask about Raye’s credibility moving forward. Less than a week later, Singletary had fired Raye and replaced him with the quarterbacks coach, Mike Johnson, who had never called plays before in his professional football career. Even more bizarre, rumor has it that Johnson was the original rat who sold out Raye to the press. Way to reward bad behavior! A novice play caller smacks of desperation from Singletary — but perhaps he is familiar with Johnson’s play-calling from many late night sessions playing Madden?

In Buffalo, Chan Gailey first benched QB Trent Edwards after two starts only to grant him his out-right release earlier this week. Hey Chan, if you didn’t think Edwards was the answer, why not draft a quarterback or sign one in free agency? Oh, you were too busy drafting C.J. Spiller at the one offensive position that Buffalo already had good players with MarShawn Lynch and Fred Jackson. Of course, the bigger mess is in Buffalo with a head coach who was laughed out of Atlanta after his stint with Georgia Tech and then actually fired as the offensive coordinator in Kansas City during the preseason last year. He has the job in Buffalo because no one else would take it. He was hired by general manager Buddy Nix who has the infamy of once living in Tennessee while still scouting for the San Diego Chargers. That sounds a little too much like Matt Millen who maintained his permanent residence in Pennsylvania while running the Lions’ franchise into the ground during work week. San Fran still has a ways to go to reach Buffalo’s level of ineptitude.

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