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Hollywood Sports – Cam Newton & Suspension of Disbelief


OK, let me see if I got this straight. The NCAA has enough evidence to sanction Cecil Newton for asking for money for his son to play at Mississippi State. But we are all supposed to believe that “smoking gun” evidence is required to prove that Cam Newton was aware of this transaction. And we are all supposed to assume that Cam did not ask any questions when his father announced one day that he was suddenly attending Auburn rather than following Dan Mullen (his offensive coordinator at Florida) to Mississippi State. OK, sure. Lets pretend this is a court of law (although it isn’t). “Innocent” until proven “guilty.” But hasn’t the NCAA now signed off on the absurd notion that “student athletes” are not responsible for the actions of their parents or agents acting on their behalf? Can I tell the IRS that it was my accountant rather then me that cheated on my taxes? This is absurd. If Cecil is guilty, then Cam has to be considered guilty as well. Requiring a burden of proof that the “student-athlete” must be proven to be aware of the obvious is an unreasonable expectation that is easily circumvented because that is the entire reason for having an “agent” in the first place. But we will all suspend our disbelief so we can watch an undefeated SEC team play an undefeated PAC 10 team in five weeks play for a National Championship. Cam will be in the NFL next season before the NCAA can get to him. And does anyone believe that Auburn will not be on probation for making their deal with the devil? “It wasn’t me, it was my Dad” fails to have any credibility in the long run — which in this instance means the day after the BCS Championship Game. Bring on the charade!


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