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John Ryan – MLB Futures Bet


My favorite and most profitable sport just started Spring Training. MLB is a sport that so many amateur betters disregard and lose solid money making opportunities in the process. I can’t remember a year, where the spread between the weak and strong teams have so wide. The Phillies, Red Sox, and Yankees are considered to be the best teams by significant margins based on the current line posted for the World Series. The Phillies are 3/1, The Red Sox 5/1, and the Yankees are roughly 15/2. After these three teams the lines jump to 20/1 and higher for teams like the Rangers, Twins. Reds, Cardinals, Chicago White Sox, and the defending World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. I like the Phillies and this does represent the first time in my 17-year career that I am going with the favorite on a futures bet in MLB.


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